Strange Paintings and Other Art

dinosaur painting

She Lets The Kids Play In The Fountain

24″ x 36″ oil on canvas.

This is a picture of Centennial Olympic Park here in downtown Atlanta. When we went down there to take reference photos for this painting, my wife insisted that we ride the new ferris wheel. I have a fear of heights, so I didn’t enjoy that too much.

I have imagined a mother Tyrannosaurus minding her children as they play. Notice that the Stegosaurus and her babies have to wait their turn.


thunderstorm painting

Threatening Weather


24″ x 18″ oil on canvas.

This is a giant thunderhead about to move in over Atlanta.



The Creature from Lake Clara Meer


I was asked to paint the Creature From The Black Lagoon coming out of Lake Clara Meer, which is a lake in Piedmont Park here in Atlanta. I was given a photo of dogwood blossoms to work into the art as well. Fortunately, I ran across these previously unpublished color photos of the Creature from Life magazine for good reference. Notice that I used four different photos from that set to make my painting. I liked the woman from one picture, the turn of the creature’s head from another, etc., so I had to combine different ones. I think the painting came out fairly well. It is 16″ x 20″, oil on stretched canvas. ______________________________________________________

robot painting

Danger on Peachtree Street!

18″ x 24″ oil on canvas.

This is Peachtree Street in  Downtown Atlanta. You can see the famous FOX Theatre on the right. It doesn’t usually have any giant robots rampaging down the street. ______________________________________________________

Giving Away The Bride

Giving Away The Bride

Oil on Canvas, approximately 2′ x 3′ This is a scene from the 1935 classic, “Bride of Frankenstein.” At the moment in the movie where you see this particular scene, the script reads “Don’t touch that lever–you’ll blow us all to atoms!” (as spoken by Dr. Pretorius.) This was kind of an experiment for me, as a deviation from my usual painting style. I wanted to try to make something that looked kind of like stenciled graffiti. Working from a movie still, I made stencils for the white areas, and two mid-tones. I painted this canvas black and (after waiting for it to dry of course,) used the stencils to paint in flat areas of each tone. I hadn’t intended to use any blending or gradients at all, but I couldn’t help myself. I did managed to keep that to a minimum, so it did end of having kind of a stenciled effect. ______________________________________________________

Stone Mountain

Extraterrestrials Visit Stone Mountain

I painted this before, but was never very happy with the way it came out. So I tried again on a bigger canvas. This version has more dramatic clouds and more color. ______________________________________________________

Carnival of the Apocalypse

Carnival of the Apocalypse

24 inches x 36 inces, Oil on canvas. The first horse mentioned in the Biblical vision of the Apocalypse is the White Horse, commonly seen as a symbol of Conquest. Some recognize the rider as a False Prophet who has come to deceive the masses. Here, the figure on the carousel is a stuffed bear. Although he turns to us with the vacant expression of the simpleton, he wields tremendous influence. The viewer will notice that all of the riders in this painting are depicted as icons of pop culture. Commercial forces are the most powerful forces in the world, now that the power of international companies trumps that of sovereign nations. If mankind comes to its demise, the harbingers of its doom are likely to be commercial in nature, and somewhat ridiculous instead of majestic. War is a red puppet with the resemblance of an unknown animal, a monster full of life but animated by an unseen hand. The rider of the black horse is Famine. In this painting, the rider is a child, rendered faceless and without identity by a dark mask, one resembling a gas mask. Perhaps this child owns the stuffed bear and the two puppets, as the depletion of natural resources inevitably brings about war, conquest and Death (represented here by the lifeless puppet on the Pale Horse.) Because painting is a static medium, it cannot be seen whether or not this painted carousel is in motion. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. If the Four Horsemen are to bring about the End Times, but do not move, then perhaps that time will never arrive. But If the carousel IS in motion, then perhaps this apocalypse is an event that occurs over and over again, just as mass extinctions have occurred repeatedly through the history of Earth. ______________________________________________________

All Lanes Blocked on I-75/85

All Lanes Blocked on I-75/85

Kind of a funny traffic problem. My original intent was to show panicking and fleeing people, but ended up preferring the idea of annoyed people wondering how long the hold up was going to be. I couldn’t find a dragon reference that fit into the Atlanta photos that I had (lighting direction and so on,) so I made a clay model to work from. The color came out a little strange, but I like it. ______________________________________________________

praying mantis painting

Slight Delays Are Expected At Hartsfield

This is the Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport here in Atlanta. I have imagined a giant preying mantis preying upon the airplanes that are trying to land here. ______________________________________________________



24″ x 36″ oil on stretched canvas.

This is Atlanta, GA depicted as an undersea city. I may add some more bubbles and fish. ______________________________________________________


A Sea Change For Venus

8″ x 10″ oil on canvas. Just a bit of fun, with apologies to Botticelli. ______________________________________________________

painting of Teenage Werewolf at The Varsity

Teenage Werewolf at The Varsity

This is the next painting in my Monsters in Atlanta series. It’s 16″ x 20″.

It’s the werewolf from the 1957 movie “I Was A Teenage Werewolf” standing in front of The Varsity restaurant here in Atlanta. They sell chili dogs and onion rings… that sort of thing. For some reason, when people come to visit Atlanta, one of the first things that they will often want to do is to go to The Varsity.

I can’t say that I understand that. It must be famous or something.


Revenge of The Real Big Chicken

Revenge of The Real Big Chicken

This is a local structure that is called “The Big Chicken.” It’s an old sign from decades ago that few people want to see replaced with something newer because it has become such a landmark. I thought it would be funny to paint a giant chicken attacking the area. 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas. ______________________________________________________

Painting: Octopi Atlanta

Octopi Atlanta

18″ x 24″ oil on canvas.

A pink octopus visiting the city. The view is from the Northwest part of town, as you are about to get on 75/85 South. ___________________________________________

Atlanta Under Attack!

Atlanta Under Attack!

Oil on stretched canvas, about 18″ x 24.” There’s no symbolism implied here. It’s just a whimsical painting.

This is the capitol building downtown, with its gold dome.


Audrey II

A New Plant for The Botanical Garden

18″ x 24″ oil on canvas.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden really does have some beautiful and interesting plants to see. This is not really one of them. ___________________________________________

Blondie At The Clermont

Blondie At The Clermont

This is an 18″ x 24″ painting of a local celebrity who is a burlesque dancer and poet. Painted by request by the people who run the Donna Van Gogh’s Artist Market. They felt that a painting of this kind would be interesting and popular locally because of a recent documentary about Blondie that was made. After making sure that I had the dancer’s approval, I agreed to do the painting. ___________________________________________

Plan 9 from Oakland Cemetery

Plan 9 from Oakland Cemetery

16″ x 20″ oil on canvas.

This is a historic cemetery near downtown Atlanta. I have painted Vampira and Tor from Plan 9 from Outer Space into it. ______________________________________________________

Art Attack at the High Museum

Art Attack at the High Museum

16″ x 20″ oil on canvas. This is Picasso’s Weeping Woman eating the High Museum of Art here in Atlanta, Georgia.   ______________________________________________________

Willie B. Kong in Atlanta

Willie B. Kong in Atlanta

Another 16″ x 20″ canvas. In this painting, we’re looking down at the Bank of America Plaza building and the surrounding area. _______________________________________________

Still Life of Musical Instruments with Imaginary Frogs

Still Life of Musical Instruments with Imaginary Frogs

12″ x 16″ oil on stretched canvas

I painted a setup of three instruments from my collection: a Fife, a Tambourine, and a Kalmiba (also called a “Thumb Piano.”)

The arrangement seemed kind of uninteresting, so I added some imaginary frogs on stilts, and some clouds from original photography.


Tourists at Stone Mountain

Tourists at Stone Mountain

11″ x 14″ oil on canvas.

For reference, I used a still from the movie “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers.”


P.R. Nightmare

P.R. Nightmare


Cup of Water

Cup of Water

17 responses to “Strange Paintings and Other Art

  1. Excellent work! Love it!

  2. I love this series! All your paintings are incredible, but the ATL ones I just can’t stop looking at. Just bought one of your prints at the little store in Candler Park. Now I want all of them. I’m a portrait and product photographer. Let me know if you ever need photos and might consider bartering.
    Or if you have a sale for the whole series!

  3. Your stuff is spectacular – I want to see some of this stuff in person someday!

  4. 36″ oil on canvas. This is a picture of Centennial Olympic Park here in downtown Atlanta. When we went down there to take reference photos for this …

  5. e Paintings and Other Art. dinosaur painting. She Lets The Kids Play In The Fountain. 24″ x 36″ oil on canvas. This is a picture of Centennial Olympic …

  6. Hay Buddy, Look me up some time. LOVE all your new work and it would be great to catch up! Take care.

  7. Hello I love these! I was at a client”s home today and saw “she let’s the kids…”. I want it so bad!!! Is it for sale?! If so how much and how do I get it??

  8. Hi there! I’m not sure if you check this site any longer, but I wanted to say that I love your work. I actually started collecting your prints about a year and a half ago, but the store in which they were sold closed. Is there any way I could buy them directly from you? Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    Jackie Cox

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  10. Hey! I love this series! Is there any way to purchase prints?

  11. Hi, Buddy. Long time. Great to see your art again. It’s been almost thirty years since we met, back in Gainesville. I think it was at the Georgiana Motel, “extended stay,” as they say. I remember you on your bike with your mandolin strapped across your back. The obelisk with the chicken on top was always close by. I watched some of your videos the other night. They made me very happy. It’s wonderful you’re still making beautiful things. Take it easy.

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