Art that features Animals

cat painting

Mid-Morning Sun

Oil on 24″ x 30″ stretched canvas. This is one of our cats napping in front of a slightly translucent curtain. The challenge for me was to try to paint light falling on the curtain and shining through the curtain, while also depicting light beyond the curtain.


Rabbits in Atlanta


16″ x 20″ oil on canvas.

Giant rabbits invade Atlanta, GA!

There was a terrible movie back in the 70s about an invasion of giant rabbits called “Night Of The Lupus.” It really didn’t have any of the “cute factor” that my painting does, to be honest.


Sweetheart the Dog

Sweetheart the Dog

10″ x 8″ colored pencil on paper


blue fish

Goldfish in Blue

8″ x 10″ oil on canvas.

Here is the method I used to make this painting:
I found a good photographic resource, and messed around with it in Photoshop: rotating and distorting the fish, adding to the fins, lightening some areas and darkening others, and zilching out the background, ending up with a nice, balanced composition.

After all of that, I decided to pull the Hue/Saturation slider all the way to one side, making the goldfish blue.

Then I painted this while looking at the computer screen.



Orange Cat in a Hexagonal Tile Pattern


This one is a similar size of the grey tabby painting, but I  used hexagons instead.

Each hexagon is about 7/16″ wide.


painting: pixel cat

Pixel Cat

This is an 11″ x 14″ painting.
I reduced a photo of a tabby cat’s face to 22 x 27 pixels on the computer, and copied those pixels individually onto the canvas, taking care to do a careful color match with each square.
Up close, it looks pretty abstract, but comes together as the cat’s face when viewed at a distance.




This is painted in oil on one of those new box-like canvases with the wooden sides. It’s about 16″ x 20.”

I used photos of the famous Berlin specimen for reference, and exaggerated the color a bit.

I’ve also mixed in some sand in the area surrounding the fossil. I sprayed some fixative over the whole thing just in case the sand gets loose.


Three Octopi

Three Octopi

Each of these little round canvases is approximately 8″ in diameter.

It’s unusual for me to paint straight out of imagination without photo references, but I think they came out well. I wanted the octopi to have kind of a cuteness to them, as though they were illustrations from a children’s book.


Octopus in Green painting

Octopus in Green

This is an 11″ x 14″ oil on stretched canvas.

I used Permanent Green Light and Cadmium Yellow, so the painting has a very fluorescent look to it.


painting of Oskar

Oskar the Cat

This is a small canvas, 8″ x 10.”
I tried to paint colorful and thick on this one, as kind of an experiment.


painting of felix


This is my cat Felix, painted on an oval canvas about 24″ tall. I wanted to try to paint him in a similar style to the presidential portraits that one finds on U.S. currency.


howard painting


24″ x 36″ oil on stretched canvas.

We don’t actually have any curtains like that. I copied the Chinese motif from some silk pillowcases that I bought specifically to paint from.


The End of The World

This is a painting of the famous Mayan calendar that supposedly predicts the end of the world at December 21st, 2012.

The original carving is uniformly the color of stone, but I painted it with yellow, orange and reds because I liked how that would go with the iridescent blues and green I wanted to use for my hummingbird.

This canvas is about 16″ x 20″ in size.

orange cat

Orange Cat Playing with Bottlecaps

I was asked to paint this cat from photographs, with an antique patterned wallpaper in the background.

The cat liked to play with drinking straws and bottlecaps, but I wasn’t really able to work both of those things in the composition. So I just painted the bottlecaps.

It is a 24″ x 36″ oil on stretched canvas.


scottish cat

Scottish Fold

This is a Scottish Fold that I painted for a friend in Arizona.



Bubba The Dog

One of my better pet portraits. Oil on canvas. View it at a larger size to see the brushwork.



Duper The Dog

I painted this for a friend at work. This is his son’s dog.

It’s about 24″ x 36″




I copied this from an animal calander.




This is an experiment with ink and brush (which I’m not too practised at, to be honest.)

The paper is damp, which is why it looks like it has those radial lines coming out of the center, but I kind of like it.

I copied the fish from a photograph.


An Oil Painting of an Ink Painting

An Oil Painting of an Ink Painting

9″ x 12″ oil on panel.

This is the ink and brush painting from above, but rendered into a still life.


Cat & Viola

Cat & Viola

8″ x 10″ – Oil on masonite panel.

This is our Princess the cat posing in front of my viola (which I can’t really play very well.)

10 responses to “Art that features Animals

  1. Buddy,
    Felix looks absolutely regal- what a cool idea; and Howard is awesome!
    Several have left PPOV- including me, and I miss your beautiful art! But I just look at the beauty of my Cherry Blossoms, and I Thank you every day.
    Hope all is well with you.

  2. Mollie Morrissette


    Would you consider allowing me to use your wonderful painting called Mid-Morning Sun as the background image for my blog? I would give you credit of course and put a copyright notice and a link to your website on the painting itself as well. You can specify exactly what you would like and what your terms are.

    Take a look at my work before you say yes. Read the About Me part to understand where I’m coming from. I am an artist as well, but never mastered the art of oils. Someday maybe. My sister is a painter as well, Sarah Morrissette of Vienna, Austria.


  3. Yes, and I just e-mailed you saying so.

  4. Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Your work is wonderful. I enjoyed stopping by.

  5. Hey Buddy, Thom Tinker here. Just found your website. Good to know your still around and you art looks good.

  6. I loved how you handled the colors in some of your works. Particularly in your Oskar-the-cat painting. Your technical ability is mind-blowing.

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