Landscapes and Nature

cherryblossom painting


We have a cherry tree blooming in the back yard. This is a painting of some of the blossoms. Two weeks ago, they were just little white flowers, but now they show a little bit of pink color in the middle.


moon painting

Evening Sky with Big Orange Moon

Oil on 18″ x 24″ canvas board.

I used a reference for the moon for accuracy, and painted the rest from imagination.



Autumn Bee

10″ x 14″ oil on stretched canvas. I was taking pictures of flowers last Autumn, and was happy to run across this honeybee. I think it must have been dying, because it wasn’t moving very much. The close-up feature on my camera worked out pretty well. and I was able to get several good shots of the bee, including the one I based this painting on.


jupiter painting

Storms of Jupiter

This is painted on an 18″ x 24″ canvas board.


Lotus Flowers and Buddha

Lotus Flowers and Buddha

This is another oil on stretched canvas, measuring 20″ x 24.”

I was asked by a friend to paint a lotus pond with a buddha, and given some photos as suggested reference.

I used a couple of those and combined them with other photo references I found on the web. The background came from my own photography of my backyard trees. This painting took me forever to complete, but I’m fairly happy with the result.


Pendleton Avenue

Pendleton Avenue


This is a road close to where I used to live.

It’s just a 12″ x 16″ canvas board that I painted very quickly. I was trying for an impressionistic look, but it just came out looking kind of “blobby.”

9 responses to “Landscapes and Nature

  1. I”m interested in Lotus flower and Budha. How can I purchase that?

    • I’m afraid this painting is already sold!

      I sell almost all my art locally these days, through an Artist’s Market called “Donna Van Gogh’s” here in Atlanta, GA where I live.

  2. Connie Marcum Wong

    Your painting of Lotus Flowers and Buddha is magnificent! I was looking for a lovely picture to go with my poem “Lotus” and your painting was perfect!
    Thank you so very much. You are a wonderful artist.


    Lotus petals soft with shadows
    Drinking from your shallow pond,
    Blossoms that compete with heaven,
    With the twilight hour you bond.
    Aquatic in your very nature,
    Deemed fit to float at Buddha’s feet,
    Your peaceful beauty calls awareness
    Where such enlightened beings meet.
    Sacred plant known through the ages
    Your spirit dwells within my heart
    And centered there, your spark of light
    Assures me that we’ll never part.

    © Connie Marcum Wong

  3. Connie Marcum Wong

    Thank you very much. I may know of a place. I have your name with your painting and will let you know if I use it and will certainly give you credit. Is that painting (Lotus) for sale? I am interested. If so please email me with details. Also you have my permission to use my poem if you like as long as my name is accredited. Mahal, Connie

  4. Buddy,
    Love the honey Bee. Happy to be able to see your art and reflect on old days! Can you be commissioned to paint pet pictures? I have two miniature dachshunds I may want paintings of someday….
    Eileen Habermann-Hietter

  5. Connie Marcum Wong

    Letting you know your painting is being shown along with my poem Lotus at Here is the link.
    I wasn’t sure it would show up. I will edit it give you credit. Thank you for giving me permissionto use your picture. Have a happy new year Buddy. Blessings, Connie

  6. Connie,
    Just got back from, where I see that you have many poems. Some rhyme, and some are free verse, and I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve read.

    Thank you for posting my art and giving me the credit.

  7. Connie Marcum Wong

    It is me who should be thanking you for letting me share your beautiful painting. Your art deserves to be seen and I thank you and wish you a wonderful new year! Aloha, Connie

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