Drawings and Sketches

Marty Feldman as Igor

Marty Feldman as Igor



Colored pencils on 20″ x 24″ paper



Cod, drawn with a 4B pencil.



Sketch of a tree

Drawn from nature with a 6B pencil.


Kristen Schaal drawing

Drawing of Kristen Schaal

She’s a very funny lady! One of my favorite comedians these days.

I sketched this from a Star Trek episode called Whom Gods Destroy. A character named Marta dances.



Drawing After Orazio Gentileschi

This is a pencil copy of Orazio Gentileschi’s The Lute Player.



Rock, Bush and Pinecone

6B Pencil on paper, about 9″ x 12″ – drawn from life.

I drew this at work while looking out the front windows and waiting for a delivery. Unless I can sketch, I hate waiting.



Howard Watching Birds

This is a quick pencil sketch of my cat with a porcelain vase.



Bonkers The Cat Takes A Nap

I sketched my cat Bonkers sleeping this morning with a white charcoal pencil on black paper.

He held still for about 10 minutes before he had to sit up suddenly and wash a certain patch of fur on his back. Anyone who tries to sketch a cat sleeping knows that they don’t often sleep very soundly.



Drawing After Caravaggio

This is a white pencil on black paper drawing of Caravaggio’s Doubting Thomas.



Quick Sketch of a Bush with Gnomes

Looking out my back door and sketching.



Sketch of Shells

These are shells in our kitchen windowsill, sketched with a 4B pencil.



Artist from Brazil

I met this young lady on DeviantArt.com. She is a brilliant painter, and she let me draw her picture.



Profile with Lights

Started out to be a sketch of a magazine photo model, but I added some streetlights and stuff growing out of her head. This drawing is a little bit weird, I admit.



Young Lady Playing The Clarinet

I’m not too practiced at drawing in ink. Some of my shadowing seems a little strange. Maybe I should try cross-hatching.



Plastic Faces

I bought these plastic faces at the craft store, so I could sketch them.

White pencil on black paper.



Confidence & Self-Esteem

White charcoal pencil on black paper.



Senator Lieberman Laughing

I copied this from a photo from The Huffington Post.



Senator John McCain

I found this in my sketchbook, a drawing I made last year, during the campaign season.

I didn’t vote for the man; I just wanted to draw him.



Cracked Pavement

Here is a pencil sketch of some cracked pavement, with a few pinecones.


2 responses to “Drawings and Sketches

  1. I enjoy looking over your work . I especially liked the white pencil/charcoals on the black paper

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