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Kurt Vonnegut Jr.


18″ x 24″ – Oil on stretched canvas.

The source photo I used had a terrible background, so I substituted this one. The paving stones remind me of typewriter keys.

Colored Pencil Drawing of my cat Oskar


This is approximately 20″ x 16″ without the frame. Instead of shading in areas in the usual way, I tried crosshatching with different colors. I like the effect, and plan to do more of these.

Oil Sketch of an Internet Friend

I call this an oil sketch because I did it so quickly. This is 8″ x 10″ and painted with Iron Oxide Red and Titanium White.

Some Watercolor Experiments

I’m not too used to painting in watercolor, but my wife gave me a set of colors, and I’m giving them a try.

gray cat

This is one of our cats. He’s named Max. He’s very fat and has gray fur. There wasn’t any gray paint in the watercolor set, so I used different other colors. This piece is about 16″ x 24″ in size.


This is the first thing I tried. I have some long pieces of paper left over from work (about 48″ x 15″) so I’m trying to use them up. Not knowing where to even start trying to paint watercolor, I looked up internet articles, and found this interesting one about painting negative shapes:

If you’re interested in watercolor painting, you should try this method. It’s really different from oil painting… when painting in oils, I tend to work from dark to light. Painting in watercolor is more like the opposite, building up color to make the dark areas.


So I thought I’d try the same thing with frog shapes. My original thought was to make kind of a lattice of frogs reaching out to one another, and repeating that pattern a little smaller and a little darker in the dark places.

Unfortunately I made the frog shapes too big, and anyway, a lattice of frogs is kind of weird to begin with. So I just did one more layer of shapes behind them, and called it a day.


I’m enjoying the watercolor paints. There’s a lot to learn for me here.

Baritone Ukulele decorated with Paisley Pattern


I’ve played enough Baritone Ukulele that I’ve decided to upgrade my instrument. But what should I do with my old entry-level cheap-o? Make an art object of it, that’s what!


Here’s a picture of it in progress:


I drew the outlines with a Sharpie pen, and then painted the colors with oil paint. It’s dry now, and I tuned it back up. The extra thickness of the soundboard didn’t seem to affect the tone or volume much at all, which is good.


Decorative art for me


These are things I painted for hanging in my own home. Not really art, but just decorative stuff that I wouldn’t mind looking at for awhile. These are paintings I made for me, but I thought I’d post them here so you could see them if you wanted to.

They’re fairly big so that they cover a lot of wall space.


Flowers & Clouds

So after having painted the flowers, I went out with my camera to take pictures of clouds. I photoshopped different ones together to make this picture, and then decided to paint it on its own canvas (18″ x 24″) instead of behind the flowers.


I hadn’t painted flowers in a long time, so I asked my wife to go and pick up a variety of them for me to paint.

She came back with far more than I needed (and several vases.) I don’t know anything about the art of flower arranging, so I just tried to make a pleasing composition. I set them up outside, in the morning so that the light would hit them from the side. I put a piece of FoamCor (a kind of illustration board) behind them to block out the background.

Now that I look at it, I think the blankness is a little strange. Maybe I should paint in some trees or clouds or something. I don’t know. This canvas is 36″ x 24″.