Some Watercolor Experiments

I’m not too used to painting in watercolor, but my wife gave me a set of colors, and I’m giving them a try.

gray cat

This is one of our cats. He’s named Max. He’s very fat and has gray fur. There wasn’t any gray paint in the watercolor set, so I used different other colors. This piece is about 16″ x 24″ in size.


This is the first thing I tried. I have some long pieces of paper left over from work (about 48″ x 15″) so I’m trying to use them up. Not knowing where to even start trying to paint watercolor, I looked up internet articles, and found this interesting one about painting negative shapes:

If you’re interested in watercolor painting, you should try this method. It’s really different from oil painting… when painting in oils, I tend to work from dark to light. Painting in watercolor is more like the opposite, building up color to make the dark areas.


So I thought I’d try the same thing with frog shapes. My original thought was to make kind of a lattice of frogs reaching out to one another, and repeating that pattern a little smaller and a little darker in the dark places.

Unfortunately I made the frog shapes too big, and anyway, a lattice of frogs is kind of weird to begin with. So I just did one more layer of shapes behind them, and called it a day.


I’m enjoying the watercolor paints. There’s a lot to learn for me here.

2 responses to “Some Watercolor Experiments

  1. Buddy your art is amazing!!! I am a huge fan.

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