Decorative art for me


These are things I painted for hanging in my own home. Not really art, but just decorative stuff that I wouldn’t mind looking at for awhile. These are paintings I made for me, but I thought I’d post them here so you could see them if you wanted to.

They’re fairly big so that they cover a lot of wall space.



7 responses to “Decorative art for me

  1. I like all of them! And can see why you keep them at home

  2. Hi Buddy, where can I find your art for purchase since Donna’s is closed? Love your stuff.

  3. I really like the bottom two here

    • They’re big; both of them are 48″ across. I painted them from stock photos… not doing anything really creative, just copying from photographs.

      I keep them in the living room over the TV screen, rotating them out when we get tired of looking at them. My wife says I should paint two more of them so that we can have all four seasons.

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