Flowers & Clouds

So after having painted the flowers, I went out with my camera to take pictures of clouds. I photoshopped different ones together to make this picture, and then decided to paint it on its own canvas (18″ x 24″) instead of behind the flowers.


I hadn’t painted flowers in a long time, so I asked my wife to go and pick up a variety of them for me to paint.

She came back with far more than I needed (and several vases.) I don’t know anything about the art of flower arranging, so I just tried to make a pleasing composition. I set them up outside, in the morning so that the light would hit them from the side. I put a piece of FoamCor (a kind of illustration board) behind them to block out the background.

Now that I look at it, I think the blankness is a little strange. Maybe I should paint in some trees or clouds or something. I don’t know. This canvas is 36″ x 24″.

4 responses to “Flowers & Clouds

  1. Can I purchase a print of Putin on Trump?

    • No, I can’t sell that. I used artwork by sculptor Liu Xue as a basis for that photoshop piece, so it wouldn’t be right for me to sell that image. It was meant for satirical purposes, not commercial ones.

  2. is this hand painted ? flowers are so crisp …

    • Yes. I did try to make a crisp edge on the petals. A large part of oil painting technique is deciding which edges to make soft, and which ones to make crisp. Thanks for noticing!

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